Contract Bottling

Competitive & responsive contract bottling to corporates and industry.

Contract Bottling

We can supply Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water to you in whatever requirement you are looking for, from bulk tanker water to 11 litre bottles. Our contract bottling service is efficient and very competitive. Our core business supplies 19 litre and 11 litre fully recyclable water bottles to the water cooler and vending / catering industry. Please contact us if you require further information.

Our Bottling Line

Our 800 bottles per hour, fully automated bottling line can meet all your bottling requirements.

19 Litre Bottles

Purely Scottish Water provide our Natural Mineral Water in 19 Litre bottles.

Our unique design bottle has a rigid sturdy lifting handle. Check your bottle? Does it have a hollow bottle handle that is difficult to clean when being filled. Why don’t you try our unique bottle design?


5 Gallon K-Seal

The 5 Gallon K-Seal is a liquid proof Snap-On tamper evident closure designed to provide suitable sealing for use on HOD water bottles (PC or PET) in conjunction with liquid product (water) which is both inert and non carbonated in nature.