Purely Scottish Water is NATURALLY ALKALINE.
Global alkaline water market to treble by 2023 Press release – Tuesday 17 September 2019 Extract from 2019 Zenith International “Global Alkaline Water Report” Rapid growth in alkaline water consumption is predicted for the next five years, according to a new report from food and drink experts Zenith Global. Global volumes are forecast to jump from 635 million litres in 2018 to 2,200 million litres by 2023. “Alkalinity has become a high value point of difference for both manufacturers and consumers,” commented Zenith Global Senior Consultant Robin Bell. “It has a broadening target audience and multiple consumption occasions that we have identified.” Global value is rising even faster than volume. Volume has grown by an average 12.2% a year since 2013. Value has advanced by 21.6% a year, reaching $883 million in 2018 and expected to exceed $4,300 million in 2023. “Our new report is an essential guide to any business already in or considering entry into the global alkaline bottled water market and accompanies our comprehensive portfolio of water reports,” Robin Bell added.