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our water

canned, bottled and boxed at source

From Lammermuir to your glass

Having fallen as rain over a century ago, our water is drawn from an aquifer 125 metres below ground level. Our well is located on our 80 acre organic estate in the picturesque Lammermuir Hills  in the Scottish Borders. Over its many years of percolation, the water dissolves the minerals out of the limestone and sandstone to produce a unique water. Slightly alkaline, our water treats

you to a crisp, pure refreshment, as nature intended. Other than filtering, our water is is exactly as it came from the source.


a tale of purity in every pour

From a height of 170 metres, our water has travelled through weathered sandstone, weathered limestone, soft old red sandstone interspersed with layers of clayey marl. As the depth increases, the rock becomes harder still with red sandstone. In the borehole area, the sandstones are overlain by a extensive sheet of basaltic lavas, approximately 50 metres thick. It is considered that the water that fell as rain probably hundreds of years ago has been stored in the aquifer since then. Drawn from 125 metres below the surface of our well, the water extraction temperature is 8 -9 degrees with no seasonal variation.

the purest natural mineral water sourced from the Lammermuir Hills

Naturally occurring minerals & electrolytes

Mg/litre compostion


CALCIUM       46.4

SODIUM        12.6

CHLORIDE      17.4

SULPHATE       4.2

NITRATE         7.7

MAGNESIUM                     18.8



Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water is extracted under Directive 2009/54/EC for the exploitation and marketing of Natural Mineral Waters.

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