Natural Mineral Water

Our Water Source

Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water is extracted from a 125 metre borehole in our 83 acre site set in the Lammermuir Hills in the Scottish Borders. The site is a protected location, registered with SOPA ( Scottish Organic Producers Association ). Our site is free from any contamination, with no crop or livestock activity on our land. Purely Scottish have two current water extraction licences, with the ability to draw over 300.000 litres of water a day, so we will always be able to fulfil your orders.


Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water is tested on a hourly basis every production run. Our water is also tested weekly by a third party independent UKAS registered Water Testing company EMS.

EMS offers microbiology and chemistry analysis in food, drink and water. Testing includes identification of pathogens, enumeration of spoilage organisms and hygiene indicator organisms. EMS chemistry lab carries out nutritional quantification and allergen testing.

Annual Audit

Purely Scottish also work closely with their local Environmental Health Officer at East Lothian County Council. Their yearly audit confirms our status as a Natural Mineral Water and they confirm our water analysis and its data for publication.



At a height of 170 metres, our borehole is sunk through weathered sandstone, weathered limestone, soft old red sandstone interspersed with layers of clayey marl. As the depth increases, the rock becomes harder still with red sandstone. In the borehole area, the sandstones are overlain by a extensive sheet of basaltic lavas, approximately 50 metres thick. It is considered that the residence time of the ground water in the aquifer is probably measured in hundreds of years. The water extraction temperature is 8 -9 degrees with no seasonal variation.