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water coolers & our water range


box water cooler

Super-hygienic and super-cool, our box water coolers take 4 boxes of water at a time. All hidden within the cooler, there's no need to store spare and empty bottles beside the cooler.

Also, there's never a need to schedule expensive and inconvenient sanitising calls, because the coolers never need cleaning.

counter top box cooler

Stylish and compact, you can store your water wherever you like. Simply slide the box into the cooler for cool refreshing thirst quenching

Bottle water coolers Scotland.jpg

bottle water coolers

Supplied with our pristine natural mineral water, our bottle water coolers come in a variety of models.

plumbed water coolers

If delivered water doesn't suit for all your locations, we can also supply and service Point of Use (POU) coolers. POU coolers are very handy and economical source of hydration, but don't suit all locations. 

We are happy to provide a full-service solution to include all types of cooler depending on your preferences.


Enjoy your water, your way...

You don't need a cooler to savour the purest water you can drink

bottled water

Bottled water can be simply dispensed directly from the bottle by hand or powered pump

Bottle water coolers Scotland.jpg

boxed water

Our boxed water comes in 6L, 10L and 12.75L sizes & is ideal to use with our coolers, from the fridge or on the go.


It's always handy to have a supply of infinitely recyclable aluminium cans in reserve. Easily delivered to your door with your bigger purchase, or just by themselves.

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