Allstar EcoPoint
Allstar’s EcoPoint Programme – turning business’ unavoidable CO2 emissions from fuel into new woodlands.
As more and more businesses become aware of the need to reduce CO2 emissions they are faced with the complexity of calculating their emissions, and cutting them where possible, and then knowing what to do about the balance. Vehicle emissions are a particular problem across the UK – accounting for 19% of the country’s total carbon footprint in 2012.
Allstar and Forest Carbon have partnered to create EcoPoint to make it simple for holders of Allstar fuel cards<> to balance the consequences of their journeys in new certified carbon woodlands in the UK and globally.
Over time these new woodlands will not only capture a vehicle’s carbon dioxide, they will also help to reduce flooding, provide habitats for nature, capture other atmospheric pollutants, purify rivers, and offer recreational space for people. Purely Scottish have joined the Allstar fuel card Forest Carbon scheme. The scheme has already created woodlands in 15 different areas of Scotland with more sites planned. Purely Scottish UK Commercial Director – David Albers commented “Distribution is part of our business and any opportunity with the help of Allstar to offset our vehicle emissions, is a opportunity we wanted to be part of. Creating woodlands is a wonderful project and we were very keen to be supportive of the scheme”