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experience pure refreshment

filtered by nature for over 60 years
Glasses of Water
Girl Drinking Water

Discover the pure taste of water sourced and filtered over decades through the Lammermuir Hills of Scotland. As a premium natural mineral water supplier, we offer a range of still and sparkling water, as well as water coolers and water-in-a-box. 

water coolers

Our traditional bottle and revolutionary boxed water coolers are ideal for everywhere from hospitals, factories and busy offices to your home-office.

Have you ever wondered if there was a handier alternative to your bottle water cooler?

Bottle coolers are great, but for many, there's a better solution that you may not have thought of.

box water coolers

The cleanest water every time & you never need to sanitise the cooler!

Because each recyclable box comes with a  tap, every time you empty the box, you start again with a spotless cooler.

With a cool design, long water shelf-life, and simple logistics, box coolers are  a fantastic alternative to bottle coolers.

water in a box

Join the boxed water revolution & save!

For as little as less than a £1 a day, you can enjoy premium Natural Mineral Water delivered to your door without the hassle of hauling it from the shop or paying high prices for plastic bottled mineral water. Enjoy the quality without the cost to your pocket or planet!

canned still & sparkling

As part of our drive towards maximum sustainability and innovation, we have introduced aluminium (infinitely recyclable) cans to our range. You can buy our pristine water by the can, or in bulk for your business.


contract filling

If you are a business in need of the highest quality water service, or if you'd like water packed in cans or bottles (never plastic) in your own branding, we'd love to hear from you.

Purely Scottish has extracted the purest possible natural mineral water from its well since 1995. We supply bottle water coolers, our unique patented boxed water coolers, water in a box, and still and sparkling water in cans.We provide contract packing services to the water cooler sector and to wholesalers.​Our water meets the highest standards for purity, and is slightly alkaline, in balance with healthy human bodies. 

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