We Care

Purely Scottish Natural Mineral Water are completely committed to our Environmental position and protecting the Environment. Every part of our business we analyse and try to ensure we are achieving the least possible impact on our planet. Listed below are some of the actions we have taken whilst operating Purely Scottish Water.

Single use plastic water bottles

Purely Scottish no longer produce small pack, single use plastic water bottles. Despite a demand, we believed that producing that product was against our Environmental position.


All our plastic 19L and 11L bottles are recycled through our ISO 14001 approved waste collector. Our plastic is sorted cleaned and then recycled for the use in road construction.

Paper versus plastic

Purely Scottish no longer supply plastic cups.

We supply two types of cups – a paper cup and a fully compostable cup.

Members of SOPA

Purely Scottish are members of SOPA and are committed to maintaining our land in a committed environmental friendly condition. No crop or livestock activity takes place on our property minimalizing the risk of contamination of the area and water source.

Carbon Savings

Purely Scottish Water, are en route to creating a net carbon zero future for their business. We realise that there is an over-consumption of the earth’s resources and a switch to sustainable activities is the only way forward.

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Our bee community

Purely Scottish in 2019 introduced bee hives on to our site.

Working in partnership with our Organic farmer we hope to grow our bee community.

Purely Scottish honey maybe coming soon !!!

WHA Member, Purely Scottish Bottlers are embracing the WHA 5 for 5 Sustainability Programme. They have been chosen to participate in the 2020 Birds and Bees Biodiversity Project. This project is funded by Scottish Natural Heritage in conjunction with SCOTFWAG (Scottish Farming and Wildlife Advisers Group).

Purely Scottish are active members of SOPA (Scottish Organic Producers Association) and manage 83 acres of Organic farmland in the Lammermuir Hills on the Scottish Borders. Within those 83 acres is Purely Scottish Bottlers Natural Mineral Water source.


Purely Scottish, working with their Organic farmer, will develop an upland wildflower habitat to increase the numbers of tree sparrow, barn owl and kestrel. Seed mix will be introduced to the area, encouraging flower growth and bird boxes and insect hibernation boxes will be sited. Purely Scottish will manage the project over the initial 3-year period and be involved in the Big Farmland Bird Count.

In 2019, Purely Scottish, working with a local beekeeper, also introduced beehives to their estate.